Benefits of Working with TechniCraft

"What is it that your customers want most?"


  • After an accident customers fear that their vehicle will never look the same and they want a repair center that guarantees that their vehicle will be be repaired correctly.  
  • Customers fear that something will be overlooked or inferior parts will be substituted or corners will be cut.
  • Customers want to be reassured that their repair center will guarantee, top-quality repairs and that those repairs will be completed the first time and on time.

TechniCraft makes these guarantees everyday for all of its customers - your customers.


  • After an accident drivers often describe a period of time when they experience a total disruption in their daily routine.  They have to make arrangements for a rental car, a repair center, negotiate the repairs, make numerous phone calls to all involved parties, etc. 

One phone call to TechniCraft can make these hassles disappear.


  • People involved in an accident want their own vehicle back as soon as possible.  One minute they're going about their lives, then suddenly everything is put on hold. They want things to be back to normal as quickly as possible.

TechniCraft is in the business of completing repairs quickly and making customers happy.  


  • Customers want their accident experience to be over as quickly as possible.  They demand their vehicle returned to them completed the right way, the best way, the first time.  

TechniCraft is a firm believer in delivering the best results possible for its customers.  Our motto is that a happy customer is a customer for life.  We stand by our quality repairs and our commitment to customer satisfaction. 

"Let TechniCraft be your partner - your preferred collision repair provider."

TechniCraft understands what the insurance community wants and needs - satisfied customers. When you get a call from someone that was involved in an accident you want to be sure that they are treated fairly, respectfully and that their repair experience is flawless. When you send them to TechniCraft, you can be absolutely certain that your customer will enjoy all the advantages of:

  • Repairs that restore their vehicle to pre-accident condition.
  • Convenient, genuinely helpful service.
  • Reduced cycle time.
  • A price that is cost conscious.

The bottom line will be a satisfied customer. 

And isn't that what your business is all about?