At TechniCraft, we strive to exceed our customer’s expectations. We offer a pleasant reception area serviced by friendly staff to answer all of your questions and provide you with excellent service. Please feel free to ask any one of our trained professionals for assistance.

Our advisors are ready and willing to answer your questions concerning every aspect of the estimate and collision repair process. Our advisors spend much of their time working to make sure your vehicle is moving through the repair process in a timely manner.


Non-drivable Vehicles:  TechniCraft is happy to provide you with an estimate on your non-drivable vehicle.  In order to expedite the estimating process customers need to sign an authorization to tow and evaluate damage form.  For your convenience this form can be received by fax or in person at our office. This allows TechniCraft to begin the estimating and collision repair process by authorizing us to tow your vehicle to our facility and perform a partial disassembly, to uncover any hidden damage.  After the partial disassembly an estimate is prepared. 

Drivable Vehicles:  Customers are welcome to visit our facility during regular business hours to receive an estimate.  After receiving your damage estimate, a collision repair appointment can be scheduled and a repair authorization form signed. 


After you drop off your vehicle at TechniCraft, one of our technicians disassembles your vehicle to expose any hidden damage that was not evident during the initial estimating process.  A TechniCraft estimator will update the estimate adding any additional parts, labor or part price increases.  You or your insurance company will be immediately notified to review any additional costs.

After your approval (or your insurance company's) all additional parts will be ordered and the repair process will continue.

Body & Frame

The proper repair of collision damage is critical to the safety and performance of your vehicle. At TechniCraft each vehicle is repaired to factory specifications in our state-of-the-art collision repair facility. TechniCraft’s highly skilled I-Car Gold certified technicians use only the highest quality equipment, parts and materials.

We use only the best equipment available in the repair of your vehicle.  We utilize two state of the art frame machines: Chief EZ Liner S21M and Chief Titan.  In order to be certain that your vehicle is repaired safely we utilize Chief’s® Velocity™ Frame Measuring System.  This is known as the world's most accurate frame measuring system.

TechniCraft has invested in the latest technological advances in order to bring your vehicle to its pre-accident safe condition. 

We do not jeopardize your safety.  We are committed to quality repairs.


When it comes to automobiles, you can judge a car by its cover!  That's why at TechniCraft we use a state of the art refinishing system that incorporates multiple layers of highly specialized paints.  TechniCraft has made a major investment in a Garmat Downdraft spray booth and prep station to ensure optimum conditions for applying today's high-tech finishes.  We are the only facility in the Midwest that utilizes the state of the art Garmat computerized control panel for exact temperature, lighting and air flow conditions.  This advancement helps to guarantee an exact color match on every vehicle that enters our refinishing process.

Sikkens Paint & Color Matching

We provide high quality refinishing services using Sikkens paints.  For more than 200 years, Sikkens has been turning out one high-gloss, durable finish after another.

We custom match your vehicle’s finish. After selecting the correct color, we then prepare your vehicle for paint by sanding and applying primer and sealer. After selecting the correct color from our color matching computer system and by using our “Smart Scale”, we can custom mix and adjust colors for different variations for that perfect match every time.

Next, your vehicle is carefully prepped for paint application using the finest materials, then masked completely to protect undamaged parts of the vehicle from over spray contamination.

With all of the careful preparation done, the color and clear coat are applied. The spray booth then becomes an “oven” as all of our finishes are baked to resemble that perfect “factory finish.” Prior to reassembly; the vehicle is first polished to remove even the smallest of imperfections.

Final Finish: Complete Vehicle Detail

A complete vehicle detail is always part of our collision repair service.  We put you back on the road safely, quickly and in a brand new looking vehicle.