Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What do I do if I’m involved in an accident?

A) Call the police to the scene of the accident.  If you’re injured, seek treatment immediately.  Even if there does not appear to be any damage, a police report will verify that you and other parties were involved in a collision.  This will help your claim in case hidden damage is discovered later. 

Q) Do I have to have my vehicle repaired at a repair center chosen by my insurance company?

A) Absolutely NOT! Insurance companies’ “Direct Repair Programs” or preferred shops are simply an option. You may always go to the repair center of your choice.

Q) If I don’t get my vehicle repaired at a repair center preferred by the insurance company, can I still get a lifetime warranty? 
A) Yes! Most high quality repair centers offer a lifetime warranty. Make sure the repair center of your choice offers a written lifetime warranty.

Q) Does my auto insurance work like my health insurance policy where I have to stay within a network of providers or incur additional expenses?

A) NO! Unlike health insurance, your auto policy allows you to go to the collision repair center of your choice and typically at no extra cost to you.

Q) Does my accident HAVE to be turned into my insurance company?

A) No, many of our customers prefer to pay for their own repairs so that a claim does not result in higher insurance premiums.

Q) Do I need an appointment at TechniCraft?

A) No, we offer flexible hours and can typically accommodate same-day estimates.  The initial estimate will require 15-30 minutes of your time.  If you select TechniCraft as your repair center, we’ll collect some basic information from you, take photos and complete any documentation required by your insurance company.

Q) Can my car be towed directly to TechniCraft?

A) Yes.  We provide a 24-hour hotline for towing services.  Call us anytime at (708) 430-1177 and we will arrange for towing.